Queer-centric Christian
Worship Every Sunday @ 6pm

Old West Church

131 Cambridge Street, Boston
between Government Center and Charles/MGH subway stations

Parking and Directions

Sanctuary is handicap accessible, restrooms are not accessible

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Discover a uniquely Queer Christian Family

Living Jesus' radical redefinition of family, we gather as a faithful people for inclusive and dynamic worship.  God invites all to move into places of freedom as a whole and holy people.  In our sanctuary, we are joined through the promise that Christ is with us.  In our hearts, we enter the path of full acceptance that was cleared by the footprints of Jesus for all to follow.

Be Challenged to Christian Service

Living beyond the hurt of homophobia and transphobia, we enter into a deeply sacred time of holiness and comfort.  Living beyond the challenges, we share our experiences of overcoming with those who are searching for a new relationship with God.  Living beyond the fear, we reconcile our faith with our bodies, our sexualities and our gender expressions.  Living beyond the loneliness, we create new expressions of supportive community.  Living beyond the brokenness, we build relationships based on health and healing.  Living beyond HIV and AIDS, we reshape our society in greater acceptance and love.

Grow in the Resurrection Spirit

Our individual voices are reforming the words of our tradition into a living church.  Just as the first word of God that was uttered in the darkness created, in the word of Jesus Christ the language of humanity was transformed as death was replaced with the word of life.  Today, we continue to confront the words of hatred and exclusion and create a new vocabulary of justice on the hearts of humanity as our hands scribe the words of peace and inclusion.  Proclaiming from the center of our faith, "We are a Resurrection Church and the future waits our liberating ministry!"

Become a Witness of Unconditional Love

Experience with us all of what Christianity was meant to be!