Queer-centric Christian
Worship Every Sunday @ 6pm

Old West Church

131 Cambridge Street, Boston
between Government Center and Charles/MGH subway stations

Parking and Directions

Sanctuary is handicap accessible, restrooms are not accessible

I did rush forward to meet the challenging unknown. In so doing, I have dared what no one else attempted, an outreach into the gay community – this world of the homosexual – and I have brought these attitudes to the conventional world, to the establishment. I have melded my own sexual orientation with an active, open philosophy of life. For me it works. I have seen it work very well for others. We are trying to make it work for all. To do so, we must open new horizons, new vistas, for everyone. Part of our mission is enlightenment and education. True, we begin with the homosexual’s basic acceptance of themselves. From there, we go to their relationships to others, to their community and most important of all, to their relationship with God. Those are urgent goals of the homosexual world. That is our heritage. Thus, where we can, we reshape essential human dignity. There are griefs, expectation and disappointments along the way. But the rewards are great. They are uplifting and soul-satisfying.

Rev. Elder Troy Perry, Founder of UFMCC
The Lord is My Shepherd & He Knows I’m Gay

Reshaping Essential Human Dignity

Ours is a struggle for acceptance and a struggle for faith.  From our history as a hidden and broken people, we have come out of the shadows of homophobia and transphobia into a light of love through Jesus Christ.  With a hunger for community and for a relationship with God, we hear the call of God leading us into new understandings of faith and hope.  Our Queer Christianity is not limited to the union of our spirituality with our sexuality, but encompasses our passion for justice, our commitment to service and our vision to transform our world.  These are our stories of rejoicing in the gift of wholeness, acceptance and love - we call that Pride!

Expressing our Queer Christianity

Coming Out is a life long spiritual practice. Because we live in a heterosexist society, Queers will always be invited to claim their unique identity. It is a lifelong process because it involves the integration and transformation of our Queer identity into the whole of our lives. To speak of coming out as a lifelong process of integration and transformation is to invoke the classic spiritual model of “purgation, illumination, and union.” Coming out as a spiritual practice takes us through these three stages over and over again as we ‘purge’ ourselves of false images and expectations forced upon us by a heterosexist society; welcome the ‘illumination’ or insight that comes from living out of an identity that is more authentic to ourselves; and with every purging of a false life image and illumination from our true or authentic life image will come ‘union,’ connection, and abiding with the Divine that is at the deepest center of ourselves.